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Hi all Solent Bonsai Society members and friends .

The 2020 Bonsai Year starts with our yearly auction on 31st January 2020, so any trees, pots, books etc. you wish to move on please bring them along. There should be a good selection of plants, pots, books, etc. to choose from, so don't forget to bring your money, 10% of the sales goes to club funds. Don’t forget there is a Tree of the Month competition for January.

Please Note, Sunday 26th January 2020 is the Auction Run by the UK Bonsai Association which is before our first meeting of 2020, and is in conjunction with a Suiseki / Saikei / Mame show. Robert will have a display of Mame and Arthur, Eddie and myself will be showing some of our Suiseki stones.

Next month’s meeting, on February 28th, Solent Bonsai Winter Image Show , this gives members a chance to show other members some of the trees that they have, discuss and get advice on their trees, so please bring them along, it's always a great evening that everyone enjoys. This is a free evening so don’t forget bring along family and friends, all are welcome.

Secretaries Report

Well here we are starting the 2020’s. We at the Solent Bonsai Society, look forward to an exciting year and it will not be long before spring, when we start to see the new buds springing into life again on our Bonsai's, which for me is the best time of the Bonsai year when you can start to plan the next stage for each of our bonsai trees.

This year's Committee
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This year's Meetings
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Other Local Club Meetings in our area.

Eastleigh Bonsai Society meets on second Monday of the month start at 7:30pm, the next meeting is on
Monday 10th February 202 0. Repotting Workshop.
Eastleigh Bonsai Society meet at:-United Reformed Church Hedge End, 14 St John's Rd, Hedge End, Southampton, SO30 4AB
If you need any more information about Eastleigh BS please talk to Robert or myself.
For more information on Eastleigh Bonsai Society go to

Chichester Bonsai Society meet on second Thursday of the month start 7:30pm, the next meeting is on Thursday 13th February 2020 .
Enrolment & Re-potting workshop – tips for beginners from Senior Members. For more information on Chichester Bonsai Club go to

All the clubs in the area support each other. If anyone would like more information on other local clubs please let me know.

Look forward to seeing you all on Friday 31st January, at the Auction.

Keith Hartley
Secretary Solent Bonsai Society
Mobile: - 07847487435