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Honorary President -  Peter Chan  of  Herons Bonsai Founded 1978

Here we have saved some of the monthly tips and suggestions

for your further reading and research.

FEBRUARY   -   Fertilising. MARCH  -  How to maintain deciduous trees. APRIL  -  The Golden Mean MAY  -  Selecting the Front of a Tree JUNE / JULY -  Pinching Out AUGUST  -  Late Summer/Early Autumn  Care

Bonsai Growing Calendar

The dates below are a general guide and maybe need to be adjusted to your micro-climate, growing conditions, and to the unpredictability of the British weather.

March  Early Spring.       June    Early Summer.     September  Early Autumn.      December Early Winter.

April    Mid   Spring.       July     Mid   Summer.     October      Mid   Autumn.      January     Mid   Winter.

May     Late  Spring.       August Late  Summer.     November   Late  Autumn.      February   Late   Winter.