2019 Programme

Solent Bonsai 2019
Tree of the Month
25th January 2019.
Club Auction
Owners Choice
22nd February 2019.
Club Winter Show
No Competition
29th March 2019
Repotting Workshop
Owners Choice
26th April 2019.
Workshop last year’s air layering’s,
severed & New Wrap-around.
Owners Choice
31st May 2019.
Talk by Robert, Accent Planting
Owners Choice
28th June 2019
Workshop, Pruning/Wiring, & Prepare for show
Owners Choice
26th July 2019
Club Summer Show
No Competition
30th August 2019
Workshop, Pines
Owners Choice
27th September 2019.
Talk by Robert, on the Art of Displaying Bonsai
Owners Choice
25th October 2019.
Workshop, Winter Preparation
Owners Choice
29th November 2019
A.G.M. & Jackie’s Party nibbles
Owners Choice