Tree of the Month
Tree of the Month Competition Rules

The aim of the Tree of the Month competition is to encourage members to bring trees along to the monthly Club meetings.

1. The Tree of the Month will be conducted as a single competition with scores added together to decide the final place at the end of the year.
2. Competitors may enter more than one tree. However, a member may only score one place in that month’s Tree of the Month, regardless of the number of trees that member has submitted for judging. In the event of a single competitor winning more than one placing, the lower placing will be forfeited and awarded to the next tree with the highest merit.
3. The competition will run from January to November, excluding some show evenings.
4. Results and trophy will be announced in the following year.
5. Trees will be assessed on merit by all members and guests of the Society in attendance at each competition.
The Committee will review the rules annually.
Reviewed 1/1/2019
JUNE Competition

1st Sean Nutbeam - Taxus baccata
2nd Eddie Savory - Larch
3rd John Hughes - Portugese Oak
(Sorry John No Photo.)
MAY Competition

1st Sean Nutbeam - Itoigawa Juniper
2nd Garry Humphrys - Spirea
3rd Keith Hartley - Ginko

APRIL Competition

1st Sean Nutbeam Cotoneaster
2nd Keith Hartley Deshojo Maple
3rd John Hughes Korean Hornbeam

MARCH Competition

1st Sean Nutbeam Juniper
2nd Keith Hartley Chinese Quince
3rd Eddie Savory
January; there was only one entry
so Keith wins the points..

February - no competition
so bring your entries for March