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With relaxing restrictions it will be
possible to meet again.

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Hi members of the Solent Bonsai Society our next meeting at the Wallington Village Hall
is on Friday 28th January 2022.

Club AUCTION of Trees etc.

There are no restrictions at the Hall except that we may have all the windows open and it is recommended that face masks are warn in the corridor, but this is only a recommendation
and is not compulsory.

Solent Bonsai Society, 2022 Programme

28th January--------Club Auction
25th February------ Repotting Workshop
25th March-----------Repotting Workshop
29th April----------- Malcolm Driffield (talk tbd)
8th May-------------Expo Bonsai UK
27th May------------ Workshop, Pruning/Wiring
2nd & 3rd July-------Chichester Bonsai Club Show
24th June------------ Talk by Amelia Williams,Bugs and Pests.
29th July -------------Pine Workshop. Please bring Trees
26th August----------Talk by Robert abd
11th September-----The Heathrow Bonsai Show
30th September-----Workshop
28th October---------tbd
25th November------A.G.M.

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Our regular meetings
are normally held on the last Friday
of each month starting at 7.30 pm.

Wallington Village Hall, Broad Cut,
Fareham, Hampshire. PO16 8ST

See diary of meetings here >>>